Cold Days: Dresden Files 14

Guess who’s back, back again, Harry’s back, phone a friend…wait don’t do that. No contact. None whatsoever, even with friends and loved ones, when you come back from the dead is the rule. Just hang out in the Nevernever with the world’s most psychotic boss, enjoy your birthday, and accept a contract to kill a psychotic raver. That seems perfectly healthy.

Oh, and then break into the home of one your mates, break his computer, skullnap Bob, and cause chaos all over Chicago. Damn it Harry you can’t even resurrect correctly! At least you woke up a bit stronger then you started. Well I say a bit. The power creep has been pretty linear in the series up until Changes, but now we’re seeing some of the consequences of that. Going from being a decently strong big guy, to benching 800lbs like it’s no big deal is a pretty spectacular jump.

Sure, sure, his magical growth since taking on Molly was pretty rapid too, and had some pretty spectacular effects on how well he could fight, but it’s not quite as relatable. We all know how strong we are, and if we just woke up one day able to pick up a car, we’d be a bit off kilter. Harry not so much.

“Everything was perfectly healthy and normal here in Denial Land.”

Moving past Harry’s additions, what about the story? What adventure are we going on today? Well Harry’s been tasked to ‘discipline’ a child who’s been acting up for a while. It’s a pretty harsh punishment in the grand scheme of things, but its justifiable. Only issue, she’s a bit of a slippery character. Always able to wheedle her way out of trouble. Hence there’s only one thing Harry can do.

Go for tea with grandma.

“The impossible we do immediately. The unimaginable takes a little while.”

Tea goes well all things considered. About the same as most tea parties with grandparents anyway. A few threats, some off-putting dentures, a walking stick that just can’t be found, and a quick tour of a battleground filled with extradimensional terrors and kind old fox. Honestly, I wish more visits to the old folks ended like that, would really lighten up the affairs.

Hmm what else happens…I know I’m forgetting something small…

“I love watching him think,” Maeve told Lily. “You can almost hear that poor little hamster running and running on its wheel.”

Oh, yes that was it. Harry may or may not lead a jolly red fellow on a campaign of wholesale slaughter against the folks who try and invade his personal nature reserve. A motorcycle may or may not be involved. Really, you’ve got to read it to find out. I mean don’t read it if your adverse to fun, I spent most of the book laughing my head off and cheering like a loon so it may not be for everybody.

If you love to laugh and holler, to hoot and whoop, you’ve got to read this. If not? Well I’m sure we can find you something a bit more grey to read.

“All right, you primitive screwheads. Listen up. I’m Harry Dresden. I’m the new Winter Knight.”

Amazon Link:Cold Days: The Dresden Files, Book Fourteen: 14

Ghost Story: Dresden Files 13


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