Small Favour: Dresden Files 10

So, we all know the tale about the billy goats gruff right? They trick the troll into letting them pass the bridge and all live happily ever after, at least in the version I was told. But apparently, that’s not the way it went. Apparently, what actually happened was they went home and took metric shit-tonne of steroids and now are going kicking ass and taking names. Dresden’s name as it so happens.

You know the drill by now right? Me and Harry go on our yearly adventure, kick the door down on some evil lair or another, get beaten up a bit, then rise up to face the final challenge and we all go riding away into the sunset. Not this time me laddy, no siree.

“I’ve had a tense couple of days. And I’ve got to tell you, burning someone’s face off sounds like a great way to relax.”

This time me and Dresden find ourselves tasked by Mab, who you really shouldn’t go into debt with by the way, to find and protect Marcone. Already a pretty raw deal all things considered, as anything threatening the undisputed crime lord of Chicago should be a bit out our pay-grade. Then add onto that the presence of Denarians and Kincaid and the weekend went south pretty quickly.

So, we’ve got our lovely Archive and Kincaid, the ever charismatic Marcone, and the delightfully despotic Denarians too. But what about some new playmates for Harry? Well they come up a bit short besides the aforementioned Gruffs, who a fairly forgettable besides the Eldest Gruff who apart from being incredibly powerful is also very good at delivering doughnuts. Don’t ask.

“Likest thou jelly within thy doughnut?”

“Nay, but prithee, with sprinkles ‘pon it instead, I said solemnly, and frosting of white.”

As for the resolution, well it makes a change from usual I’ll say that. Harry hasn’t always had a happy ending, but only once so far has he ended quite such a downer. He almost lost somebody this time, for good. No coming back, no second chances. They’re changed forever. Even getting a date doesn’t change that fact, though I’m certain it was a welcome distraction all things told.

As always, being vague with the plot makes it hard to impress upon you how fantastic this book is. The action scenes are peerless, the character drama astounding, and the comedy just keeps on coming. This is yet another dark entry in the Dresden Files, and if it’s any indication of things to come then it’s gonna get a whole lot darker from now on.

“You’re playing the creepy vibe a little hard,” I said. “Might as well go for broke, put on a black top hat and pipe in some organ music.”

Amazon Link: Small Favour: The Dresden Files, Book Ten


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