So, who’s played Dungeons and Dragons? Anybody? Well if you have then you know how that story goes. A group of would be adventurers go on an epic quest to find some magical McGuffin in order to save the world from some unspecified threat. It’s a tale as old as nerdom, and one well deserving of a good kick up the behind.

NPCs by Drew Hayes seeks to do just that in a book set in a Dungeons and Dragons style world, where all the hero’s in the land are controlled by roll playing people in the real world, except one band of unlikely NPC’s who gain self-awareness and try to save the village from cataclysm.

“Grumph let out a harrumph, which indicated either that he was unharmed and waiting patiently for a new opportunity to arise, or that a sparrow had shit in his porridge.”

This tale, a parody of all the best tropes of Dungeons and Dragons style games, is really funny if you know anything about these games. The subversion of classic character roles, the portrayal of players (which any DM will relate to too much), and the ridiculous events they get embroiled in are a treat to behold.

There’s not much more to say about this one really. The characters are fun, the setting well fleshed out, and the reasons behind the events such as they are left vague enough to allow a slew of sequels. Well worth a try if you’ve experienced even one Role Playing Game, but otherwise give it a miss.

“This is less of a ‘the king needs a reason’ thing and more of a ‘the king loves burning shit and killing people’ thing,”

Amazon Link: NPCs


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