White Night: Dresden Files 9

When the night is white and the futures not bright there’s just one thing in sight. Harry Dresden. When things that go bump in the night are out in force, seeming to kill practitioners at random, Chicago can call on only one man. Harry Dresden. When you need a friend to be understanding about something your embarrassed about there’s only one man… actually scratch that last one, for the love of god don’t call Harry, you’ll never hear the end of it.

This here is White Night, a tale of Vampyric Lust, Ghouls, and sacrifice. Oh, and slightly awkward meetings with an ex. Another sterling adventure for Harry all things told, especially with his apprentice along for the ride this time. I bet she wishes she was riding something other than the adventure, but you take what you can get I suppose. Unless your Carlos, in which case you get nothing.

“People love dogs. You can never go wrong adding a dog to the story.”

So vampires. Good old vampires. I feared I’d get bored of them with how often they pop up, but rather then dealing with the hideous Red Court, or demonic Black Court, we instead have the intrigue and games of the White Court to contend with, which as a reader is by far the most entertaining of that triumvirate. Their internal politics and variations, the way their powers manifest, and of course their shear fluid deadliness when roused to anger make them a treat to behold. Honestly me and Harry would have probably sat back with some popcorn and enjoyed the show when they let lose if not for the Super-Ghouls going for his everything.

Not that Harry is alone with them you understand. Carlos tags along for this jaunt through courtly intrigue and monster filled caverns with an unshakable grin and a strong right hand. Depressingly strong actually. Poor guy. Well enough of that pity party, joining this dynamic duo is the Baron of Badass himself, Gentleman Johnny Marcone. As always Morcone is a font of dry wit, relaxed brutality, all accompanied by a veneer of suave charm. You gotta love him.

See so much happens in this book I can’t write too much about the plot. Everything is linked in some way, so even hinting at one part over another could ruin the experience for you which is something I am loathe to do. Simply put, this is one of the best instalments in the series.

“Sticks and stones and small caliber bullets may break my bones… Words will never, et cetera.”

Amazon Link: White Night: The Dresden Files Book Nine: 9

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