Death Masks: Dresden Files 5

Last time on the adventures of Harry ‘Worst-Luck-in-History’ Dresden we watched him fight through armies of monsters and confront leaders of the Sidhe. Hopefully his next adventure will be slightly less stressful, I mean where could it go from there really?


Well I guess Harry is now embroiled in a millennia old war between Fallen Angels and the Knights of the cross. And a vampire warlord has challenged him to a duel. He also has a TV appearance to make. Right. At least he gets to hang out with Michael a bit more? He’s really not having a good few years is he.

Well as long as he is having the world’s worst weekend, we might as well add in the love of his life who refused to marry him and the crime kingpin of Chicago to the mix. One of whom wants his blood, and the other just wants to talk. You’d think it would be simple to tell who wanted what but this is the life of Harry Dresden, so of course it switches a few times.

The characters introduced in this chapter of The Dresden Files are the standout feature to me. Sure the investigations were intriguing and the fights entertaining, but this was more of a character piece then the action/adventure tone the other books have had. We find Marcone’s motivation, we find Michaels brother knights, and of course we meet Nicodemus.

Nicodemus is the first major antagonist to escape at the end of a Dresden Files book. Where the rest have fallen to Dresden and Co, Nicodemus was merely thwarted in his grand plan, but ultimately, he got the last laugh. He beat Dresden in the end and took the first step in tempting Harry to the dark side.  I’ve got a feeling that the last hit he got in is going to be a major theme over the next few books, much like the Red Court War.

While this books great, I don’t think it’s one of the best in the series so far. There’s a few too many random coincidences, the back stories are irritatingly vague, and much as I love seeing Harry in a tux, the roundabout way of getting there felt a bit superfluous to the plot. Still go and read it, but know that its not quite as earth shattering as other books in the series.

“We all must die. There is no better way to do so than in the pursuit of something you love.”

Amazon Link: Death Masks: The Dresden Files, Book Five: 5

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