Mistborn: The Well of Ascension

The Lord Ruler has fallen. The Survivor of Hathsin is dead. The Central Dominance is beset by foes on all sides. Near everything from The Final Empire was left behind in this sequel and somehow, it manages to stick the change in direction.

The characters you love from the last book are all still here, with one fairly obvious exception, and once again we follow Vin as she glides through the night, mistcloak billowing in her wake. She comes into her own in the time between The Final Empire and this book, slaughtering dozens of enemies with consummate ease in her quest to protect the man she loves.

This seems like a good place to talk about said man. Lord Elend Venture, King of Luthadel and Lord of the Central Dominance. We watch him try to be a good man, to not let the throne change him as it had so many others. An idealist and a scholar before his ascension, he desperately clings to these roles even as the world falls apart around him. The transformation from boy to King is not an easy one, but with how closely you follow his development, you understand each step. Truly, reading Elend’s journey did a massive amount to boost my own confidence in life. Many of the things he is taught can be applied by the avid reader to their own problems.

The issues Elend faces however, well they’re not the small ones which we readers will face in our own lives. Honestly it’s a good thing they aren’t, a book about parking fines and rising rent sounds awfully dull. No, these problems are the sort which number in the tens of thousands, carry large spiky objects, and exist for the express purpose of making somebody have a really bad day. To make matters worse, these ‘problems’ all answer to three different leaders, and one of the leaders’ daughters may or may not have been seduced by one of your lieutenants.  One way or another, you aren’t coming out of this spotless.

So there we are, a city besieged by three armies, a King who would rather read treaties on politics then lead, and in the middle of it all Vin. Trapped by her loyalty to her love, and empowered by her need to protect him. The first novel may not have felt epic, but this installment does. So, pull up a pew, and settle in for the fight to preserve all you hold dear.

“…A man can only stumble for so long before he either falls or stands up straight.” 

Amazon Link: The Well of Ascension: Mistborn Book Two: 2


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