Mistborn: The Final Empire

So, I have a proposition for you. How about we take Star Wars, Oceans 11, and Full Metal Alchemist and smash them all together and plonk the resulting mix into an ash clogged land stuck in the Renaissance? That sound good to you? Well fantastic I have just the book for you, The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.

The book’s a fantastic journey through the titular Final Empire, following the adventures of a young thief called Vin. Raised on the streets by her abusive older brother, Vin is the very model of an underdog. Except for her ‘Luck’ as she calls it. Somehow, she can manipulate the emotions of those around her, just give it a nudge in the right direction. Now this alone would be an interesting premise, but then Sanderson kicks it up a notch with her mentor, the legendary Kelsier.

Now while nudging peoples emotions is all well and good. It’s not really Kelsier’s style. No Kelsier is a Mistborn. He can call on the powers of all metals, fly through the night wielding daggers of glass, he can see the future of any who oppose him. To the downtrodden of this world, he is a rising god. Born to oppose their old god, their emperor. The Lord Ruler.

Ancient beyond belief, the Lord Ruler has left behind the shackles that bind lesser men and rules with an iron fist. He knows all that you do, his Steel Inquisitors stalk the shadows with dead eyes, and if you fight him… well.

You’ll lose.

But as Kelsier would say, what’s life without a little risk?

Despite the size of the challenge ahead of Kelsier and his crew, this does not feel like an epic tale. It’s a deeply personal one. You’ll feel for Vin and her struggle, Breeze will infuriate you like no other, and Kelsier will make you smile every step of the way. After two chapters, you’re not really reading anymore, your hanging out with old friends as they tell you of all you’ve missed since you last met.

As such, you’re really gonna want to read this one. It’s got love and loss, daggers and magic, court intrigue and back alley deals. Everything you could want in a fantasy adventure, and even better, it just the first in a trilogy.

“I decided that I’d see her dream fulfilled. I’d make a world where flowers returned, a world with green plants, a world where no soot fell from the sky….” He trailed off, then sighed. “I know. I’m insane. 

Amazon Link: The Final Empire: Mistborn Book One: 1


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