Fool Moon: Dresden Files 2

So here I am with my good friend Harry Dresden again in his second adventure, the aptly named Fool Moon. Now this night out with Harry was not quite as out of left field as our first night on the town, some of the wonder has left my eyes when he casts a spell, but the swish and twirl of his duster still made me grin like a fool.

This time Dresden finds himself beset on all sides by vicious hairy beasts, a situation I’d say he’s not had to deal with since high school, as well as taking flak from mob bosses and FBI agents alike. He really is between a rock and very spikey place for the length of this book. Ah, and he also has a small bout of relationship trouble. Would be great to have a chat to him in McAnally’s about that, we seem to be on the same page with that.

Now dear old Harry did set up a fair amount of stuff in this outing. Actually a lot of stuff. There’s half a dozen new magical creatures, new potions and spells, and a dozen questions about his past that come up throughout the book. The problem is that almost none of the questions from the previous book are answered. I really should have expected this given the length of the series thus far, but it’s still disappointing.

That’s not to say nothing really happened here beyond the contained story arc of werewolves and mobsters. Harry and Murphy resolved some of their issues, Bob got a nice moment of character building, and Carmichael…well he was spread a little thin but he had his moments.

Honestly this entry wasn’t as strong as Storm Front, but I’d been warned about that. It’s a classic case of sequelitis. On its own it’s a decent fantasy/comedy detective book but not quite as hardboiled as the previous one somehow. Sure, it had the blood, the gore, the murders on every page. But it was missing the grittiness somehow? Maybe it was how everything was ramped up a notch.

In Storm Front the magic was small scale, a personal thing really that got to you. You understood it more. In this instalment, the carnage is so wide spread and frequent it loses some of its punch. The descriptions are still gut wrenching at times but just not as visceral as Storm Front.

That said, you should still read it. It’s a great romp, it sets up so many more stories to follow, and as I blasted through it in one sitting you can rest assured it is thoroughly engaging.

“There’s more magic in a baby’s first giggle than in any firestorm a wizard can conjure up, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.”

Amazon Link: Fool Moon: The Dresden Files, Book Two: 2

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