The Slow Regard of Silent Things

If you have read my review of The Name of the Wind then you know how I feel about Auri. The Little Moon Fae who captured the hearts of both me and anybody who has read the work. She is enchanting, she is pure, she is wonderful. All who read that book want more of Auri, and Rothfuss heard our calls and bestowed upon us this novella.

Auri dances through the Underthing, righting the world as she sees it. She knows how the world must be, how her desires must be put aside to put the world to sleep. She wants to make sing with joy, be where they want to be no matter how reticent they may be. You see her world, her loves, the depths of her care for Kvothe. You see she thinks of him all the time, she knows how fragile he must be and how she must protect him for it. It’s hard to express their relationship. Fans of the series may say you should speak of it with 7 words but really I think its deeper then that. She needs Kvothe, just as he needs her. You get a sense of what her world was like before his melody entered her life, and it was a life full of minor chords.

The writing style is pure Auri, thats really the only way to describe it. If you haven’t already read The Name of the Wind and preferably The Wise Mans Fear too then you will not understand the prose at all. It’s written of her and about her and it shows in every line, every word. It is written for all of us in the world who are not quite as the world would have us. In the words of the author.

This story is for all the slightly broken people out there. I am one of you. You are not alone. You are all beautiful to me.

Amazon Link: The Slow Regard of Silent Things: A Kingkiller Chronicle Novella (The Kingkiller Chronicle)


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