The Pratchett Path

The Pratchett Path #2

Ah The Light Fantastic, another wonderful adventure with our good friends Twoflower and Rincewind as they move on from intergalactic turtle seeing and into the much more mundane realm of druidic computers, barbarian pensioners, and trans-dimensional shopping trips. This entry into the series is far from the best, relying more on trope based humour then… Continue reading The Pratchett Path #2

Epic, Review

The Name of the Wind

This book, this experience really as calling it simply a book would be to do it a disservice, is a transformative work. Reading it will change you in some way. You will love music in a way you did not know was possible before reading it. You will see love in a new light, as a thing beyond words and expression, which may sound odd I admit. How can a book, something off ink and letters make you see something beyond words?