Heroic, Review

Cold Days: Dresden Files 14

Guess who’s back, back again, Harry’s back, phone a friend...wait don’t do that. No contact. None whatsoever, even with friends and loved ones, when you come back from the dead is the rule. Just hang out in the Nevernever with the world’s most psychotic boss, enjoy your birthday, and accept a contract to kill a… Continue reading Cold Days: Dresden Files 14

Heroic, Review

Changes: Dresden Files 12

Some titles are vague, embracing the themes of a book more than its components. Some are just there to grab attention, and others are just a quote memorable line for their title. Changes however, is that strange title that sums up the entirety of the book. Nothing remains safe in this book. Nothing’s held sacred.… Continue reading Changes: Dresden Files 12

Heroic, Review

Spell or High Water

An underwater city filled with all the witches/nerds of the female persuasion, and a crystalline utopia of incredible beauty, and some intimidatingly hot servants. Spell or High Water is the second installment of the Magic 2.0 series by Scott Meyer and a rollicking good time. Our tale follows the comedic talents of Martin and Phillip following… Continue reading Spell or High Water